About Us

This website has been produced to promote the aims and aspirations of BSSSL (formerly BRSS - Bromsgrove Rovers Supporters Society), a football supporters' trust affiliated to Supporters Direct which is a Government sponsored initiative set up to encourage supporter participation in the running of their club.

With the support of our membership (which is better than any other trust based on % of average gate) and the hard work of BSSSL Board members we have achieved our goal of becoming shareholders in our club 

There has often been confusion as to the purpose of the Society and we hope this site will provide answers. 

There is also the facility to order goods both from ourselves and the affiliated shop. 

If you like what you see then please join us! Once completed press publish below. this will output the chnages to the website!


Like all small non-league clubs, Sporting are always in need of money!

We raise funds to improve ground facilities for the players and supporters. We hope to have a society member on the board that can work with the chairman and directors of the club, for the good of the club. 

Now that we have our shares we would like representation at board meetings. 

For more information have a look at the History and FAQ pages.